1965 Born in Montevideo. 1984-89 Faculty of Architecture. 1990 Graduated from the National School of Fine Arts (Ernesto Arostegui ́s Workshop). 1992Travels
to France (Study scholarship). 1993 Studies engraving techniques under Luis Camnitzer (Italy). Lives in Montevideo.


1989 Notariado Art Gallery. 1991 San Fernando Museum, Maldonado, Punta del Este./ IMM Exhibitions Center. 1992 Alliance Française. 1994 Paseo Narvaja Gallery / Blanes Museum. 1995 Alianza Uruguay Estados Unidos Bi-national
 Cultural Center. 1996 EngelmannOst Space, Montevideo. 2000 “Unstable Balance”, Municipal Exhibitions Center, former Municipal Subway. 2002 Biennial of Cuenca with the work "Country risk".2005 V Mercosur Biennial, Porto Alegre (work "Employment Contract" / Galería Sur, Punta del Este. 2006 Galería Sur, Punta del Este. Marte Up Market Gallery/ 2008 Goethe Institute, Monevideo 2009 Sur Gallery, Punta del Este 2011 Dodeca gallery  2012 National Museum of visual arts  2014 Pablo Atchugarry Fundation  2015 Artfuliving, Washington DC 216 Laca Proyect, Charlotte . IDB Washington DC 2019 “Trramas” Latin American Contemporary Art (LaCa) Projects, Charlotte, N.C.


1987 Van Gogh Salon, Calle Entera Gallery/ Museum of Contemporary Art. Maldonado, Punta del Este./ “Bienarte”, Alianza Uruguay Estados Unidos Bi-national Cultural Center/ Uruguayan- Brazilian Cultural Institute Salon /Museum of Modern Art, Maldonado. 1988 Bienarte Selection, Alianza Uruguay Estados Unidos Binational Cultural Center. Cover of Construir magazine (MTOP) Award.  1989 “Textiles Events 90”, Rio Grande do Sul Art Museum, Porto Alegre,/ “Local Traits, Public Virtues”, Maldonado, Punta del Este /”Seven Uruguayan Painters”, Porto Alegre /”The Best of the Year”, International Association of Art Critics (I.A.A.C.) Exhibition / 6th Annual Visual Arts Salon, Buenos Aires  / Together with Gonzalo Varela, he produces the video “Founded in 1989”, which obtained a Special Mention in the experimental and animation categories at
the Uruguayan-Italian Cultural Institute Competition. 1990 Special Mention, Paul Cézanne Salon /San Fernando Museum, Maldonado/Together with Álvaro Zinno, he produces the videos “Like a piece of the sky...” and “Holy cards” (shown at the National Museum of Visual Arts 1993 ICI “Fifth Centennial” Salon. 1994 “Seven Lives”, Praxis Gallery, Buenos Aires (This exhibition was also held in Sao Paulo and Beijing). 1995 “Gazes on Onetti”, Municipal Subway, Montevideo. 1996 “Mysteries occur at the Central Station”, installation featured at the General Artigas Central Railway Station, Montevideo /”V. Bienarte” Selection Award.Alianza Uruguay Estados Unidos Bi- national Cultural Center. 1998 Uruguayan Contemporary Art, The Biltmore Hotel, Miami. 1999 “Action Week”, Contemporary Art Foundation. 2000 Babilonia Gallery, collective artistic creation on Heritage Day, “Babilona Social Club”. 2002 “The Idea of Tango”, Bankhaus Löbecke & Co, Munich. 2003 German-American Society, Frankfurt / Cervantes Institute, Vienna / Ibero-American Institute, Berlin /Kiron Space, Paris. 2004 Museo de América, Madrid / Casa Elizalde, Barcelona /Austrian-Latin American Institute,Vienna / Cadaqués Casino /Cervantes Institute, Barcelona./ 2006 Galería Sur, arteaméricas, Miami. 2007 Galería Sur, Cornice Art Fair,Venice. 2008 Galería Sur, ARCO Fair, Madrid. 2016-Museum Gurvich, Blanes Museum 


1987 Special Mention, Uruguayan Automobile Association 1988 Special Mention, Municipal Salon, Montevideo  1989 First Prize
at the 4th Young Visual Artists ́ Exhibition / First Prize,“Study Trip”, Municipal Salon. ). 1990 Special mention Paul Cézanne Salon. 1991 First Prize, Paul Cézanne Salon (Scholarship to study in France).  1996 Selection Award "V. Bienarte ”, Alianza Uruguay United States.  2004 First Prize, 51st National Visual Arts Salon.   2011 First Prize,  Centenary Visual Arts Salon.   2012 First Prize, 55 st National Visual Arts Salon



Eduardo Cardozo works together with Fernando Peirano at El Sitio de Montevideo workshop. 1994 They execute the project “El Quijote de Tres Cruces”. (First Prize
at the Municipal Biennial) / Installation at “El Paso” Municipal Subway facility.
1996 Installation at the Blanes Museum in the framework of the Southern Cone Art Meeting. 1997 Execution of the work “Labor Contract”, to be exhibited at the First MERCOSUR Biennial, (Porto Alegre). 1999 Together with Jorge Barreiro, they perform the installation “The chimera of security, or how to live without running risks” (IMM Atrium). 2001 They execute the work “Country Risk”. Cuenca Biennial (Ecuador). 2002 “The machine to make art work”, Intervention at the San Martín Cultural Center, Buenos Aires. 2004 Short film “The Black Sheep” (jointly with Matías Bervejillo). First Prize at La Pedrera Short-films Festival. 2007 “Señal de Ajuste”, intervention at a private TV channel in Montevideo (ERA, Regional Art Meeting).


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